The project’s approach consists in:

1. A qualitative as well as a quantitative model of the current demand, supply and regulatory elements of the market for customer-centric mobility services, along with their expected modification with the introduction of Interoperability Framework (IF) and Travel Companion (TC) technology;

2. The design of a governance and management structure specifically engineered to provide actions and processes that can leverage the economic incentives for adoption of the technology, identified as evidence generated by the modelling activity, whilst correcting or minimising remaining disincentives;

3. The generation of a set of recommendations for further actions and measures, based on the evidence generated by the modelling activity that may fall outside the scope of control or empowerment of the governance structure;

4. The design of a set of KPIs, based on a SMART (Specific + Measurable + Achievable + Relevant + Time phased) approach for measuring the success of the market uptake of the Project’s outcomes, and the later contribution to the IP4 KPIs and goals.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No: 730844

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